What is the Mountain of Youth?

I love this concept about approaching life holistically, which comes from my years of experience as a Pilates instructor and health coach. Basically, achieving balance in the “Mountain of Youth” is the key to achieving the life of your dreams.  The “Mountain” is for you to be able to access and determine which areas of your life are strongest and which ones need attention. This also provides tools to improve neglected areas and learn how to make changes so that the quality of your life is enhanced.

So I did all I could to make it an easy climb. It is about taking the steps and finding your footing with each climbing rock on your mountain. Think of rock climbing and how you have to use all the parts of your body and mind to achieve the next step to the top. One slip and you will back a step or could slip to the bottom. In rock climbing, you are attached to a harness for safety. See yourself strapped in that harness, your commitment, on your journey to wellness. It is important for you to think positive as you get ready to find you own balance and climb that mountain of youth. Eventually you will become an expert climber.

Finding your Balance so you can get to the top of your Mountain of Youth will consist of:

  • Your Fitness and Lifestyle Routine
  • Compassion for Yourself, Others & Animals
  • Creating an Environment of Growth
  • Discovering the Beauty & Joy That Surrounds You
  • Growing Continually in Your Wellness Education

Ready, get set, go! Find your balance. Contact me directly with any questions. I am here to help you reach the summit!