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Become a Physical Mind Institute Certified Pilates Mat Instructor!

In my comprehensive 2-weekend Pilates Mat Certification program, students will gain a thorough understanding of the Pilates sequence and core principles; they will learn to lead open level mat classes and to coach individual clients. Students will learn in depth: the base exercises, modifications and add-ins, and will be tested on their ability to perform and teach those exercises effectively. Students will also be knowledgeable of postural type, movement concepts and basic anatomy as it relates to Pilates.

Dates: March 2018 - 17th/18th/31st + April 2018 - 1st

Cost: $700

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Pilates requires complete, thorough and purposeful inhalation and exhalation. Unlike Yoga, Pilates inhalation is through the nose and exhalation is through the mouth. The awareness of your breath assists movement by focusing the attention and direction of the body and by delivering oxygen to the muscles being used. Full breathing assistance in removing nonbeneficial chemicals which may be stored in the muscles (Pilates 1945). Proper breathing is essential as it helps you execute movements with maximum power and efficiency. Proper breathing also reduces stress.

Imagine your rib cage expanding three-dimensionally with each breath. In this type of breathing, and the ribs expand forward, to the side and to the back during each inhalation. Pilates reminded practitioners to fill their lungs from the bottom and empty from the top. 


All movements in Pilates originate from the center of the body. The center is from the pelvis to below the navel. From our center, we support our spine and major organs strengthen the back and improved alignment and posture. With a properly develop center, we are less prone to low back pain and fatigue. 

 Visualize your center as a circle. As you contract for the muscle of your pelvic floor, imagine the circle shrinking in size; a three-dimensional movement. While practicing this movement, remember to breathe and to maintain a contraction without holding your breath. 


Control is an essential part to each movement in Pilates. The exercises performed with control produce positive results and thus avoid any over exertion, which can lead to injury.


Pilates improves the mind-body connection I putting emphasis on breathing and proper spinal Intel because Floraline. With complete concentration on Sunday, flowing the movement, you become acutely aware of how your body feels, where it is in space, and how to control its movement. Before performing a movement, gather your thoughts to encourage full-body awareness. With each movement, stay aware of the moving part of your body but what the unmoving parts are doing as well.


Realize that every movement has a purpose and it is important to the success of the movement. When specific direction is given to the body and each movement, precision is achieved. 


Pilates is different from other exercise techniques because of its flowing movement. Each exercise has a place where it starts and ends, with the middle being precise motion emphasizing smoothness, grace and control.