In my book, The Mountain of Youth, I talk about the importance of meditation. It is a practice I believe in wholeheartedly - both in theory and in practice. Here's an excerpt from my book on the topic:

Sinking into Meditation and Joy -- Excerpt from The Mountain of Youth

     Meditation is so important. It forces you to take the time out you need to cleanse your mind, stress less, and sink into the joy of living. It reminds you to live consciously. It helps you to nurture yourself. It takes just ten minutes a day to offer your body a personal meditation, and the benefits you reap will be astounding.


In my book I go on to help you create the right environment to get the most from your meditation and I recommend meditation apps like Insight Timer, which offers many different choices. I'm currently doing this one and it is absolutely magical. It is the most wonderful way to start your day.

Try it - you'll enjoy the clear benefits of a clear mind and a more present you.