It's Never Too Late!

Hello everyone. I thought this would be a beautiful piece of inspiration that it is never too late to start anything - despite your age! All you need is good health and a positive frame of mind.


Ruth Kobain

Age: 100
Neighborhood: Murray Hill
Fountain of Youth: a regular routine regimen of Pilates and staying out of the sun
Motto: "It's never too late."

An avid athelet, this great-grandmother of 16 took up Pilates around the time of her 90th birthday and has a private one-hour session once a week. "I'm pretty good at it," says Kobin with a laugh. The former ballerina -- who turns 101 in September -- reads, does crossword puzzles and watches hockey, football, tennis, golf and the races. "I yelled my head off watching the Kentucky Derby," says Kobin, adding, "I can't say I'm ever lonely."

-- source New York Post